STAR OCEAN 5 -Integrity and Faithlessness- Original Soundtrack

STAR OCEAN 5 -Integrity and Faithlessness- Original Soundtrack

STAR OCEAN 5 -Integrity and Faithlessness- Original Soundtrack


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STAR OCEAN 5 -Integrity and Faithlessness-

Catalog Number     SQEX-10547~50
Release Date     Apr 27, 2016
Publish Format     Commercial
Release Price     4104 JPY
Media Format     4 CD
Classification     Original Soundtrack
Published by     Square Enix Music
Composed by     Motoi Sakuraba
Arranged by
Performed by     Atsushi Hasegawa, Yoshinori Imai, Shinichiro Fukuda, Reiko Tsuchiya


Disc 1

01     Set in Motion
02     Star Ocean Forever ~ Overture ~
03     The Village of Sthal
04     Welcome to the Darkness
05     Hour of Judgement
06     Beyond the Clear Sky
07     Face Off
08     Irrepressible Dignity
09     Myiddok, Trading Port
10     Momentary Reprieve
11     Spending Time with You
12     Good Morning, Miss Vineyard
13     The Fecund Plains of Resulia
14     Central Resulia, the Capital
15     Absence of Light
16     Spacetime Chaos
17     Determination
18     Flabbergasted
19     Standing on End
Disc length
Disc 2

01     Brass Wings (Another Version)
02     Cruel Fortune, How Your Wheel Doth Turn
03     Take Off from Home
04     Over the Planet
05     The Outbreak of War
06     Unwavering Resolve
07     Arrhythmia
08     The Desolte Smell of Earth
09     Roles to Play
10     Calm Mind Reflected in the Pupil
11     Santeroule, City of Signeturgy
12     Sohma, the Snow-Covered Expanse
13     Kronos
14     Powerbroker
15     Tragedy Strikes
16     Lakes and Marshes with Doubt
17     I’m Proud of You
18     Trei’kur, Desolate Desert
19     Silk Road in the Sky II
Disc length
Disc 3

01     What a Breeze
02     Wild Fight, No End in Sight
03     Event Horizon
04     Under Pressure
05     Soldiers’ Footfalls
06     Decisive Warriors
07     Uncontrollable Anger
08     Shotgun Formation
09     Tears in the Sun Make a Rainbow
10     The Divine Spirit of Language
11     Walking on Air
12     Like a Lost Child
13     Promise
14     Vessels of War
15     The Cavaliero
16     Fallen Leaves (Flute Version)
17     Imperial Garden
Disc length
Disc 4

01     Cosmic Voyagers (Peace & Love Mix)
02     Incursion
03     Influence of Truth Appearance
04     Fragmented World
05     Mortal Combat
06     The Mutant’s Oppresive Aura
07     Still, I Will Cherish You
08     Each Person’s Path
09     Finale
10     With You
11     Don’t Be a Loser!
12     Seeker
13     Don’t Be a Hero
14     Confidence in the Domination (Band Recording)
15     Mission to the Deep Space
16     Do Evil
17     The Incarnation of Devil

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