I have started this blog since 2009, at first it was my hobby to collect some game soundtracks and made backup for every OSTs I found on the internet. Nowadays this blog still have visitors and I can also make friend with everybody who share the same hobby. I really appreciate anyone who have visit my blog or send me donation to keep it running. That’s why I decide to make this list. Without donators, I don’t believe I canmake it this far. Thank you!

Donators List (since 2014)

Marican R. – Jul 2015

Mitsuzawa E. – Jan 2016

Rodriguez F. – Feb 2016

Tyler T. – Mar 2016

Chiu S. F. – Mar 2016

Johnson J. – Mar 2016

Wu C. – Apr 2016

Lassance D. – Jun 2016

Alonso L – Jun, Jul, Aug 2016

Edison F – Jun, Dec 2016

Sukys J. – March, May, June, July, August, September, October 2017

Tiffany L. – April 2017

Naranjo V. G. – Apr 2017

Alessandra C. – Jun 2017 – OST Fulfilled

TokyoPopRocks – July 2017

Tausendfreund C. – September 2017

Rodriguez F. – October 2017


also thanks to

mixi, bonesatyr, Winged H., Willy J.,…

and everyone who visit this blog

PS. If you want to support me, say thank you should be enough, but if you want to do more, please read here for more details.