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Due to large requests recently, I decided to open this SSS ~ “Searching Soundtrack Service“. For this, I will be the one who searches for the soundtrack you want on the internet and upload it on the hosting you choose, or use my own rip if possible. The quality would be lossless if possible and I will send it to your email. You can also use this service to get lossless of my uploads, but remember I don’t usually keep old albums, so you should request them soon.

Fee: 6 USD per album (size/number of CDs doesn’t matter)

How it works:

  • Send the fee to Ko-fi or other methods (you can send more than 6 USD, considering it as a donation to help my blog). 
  • Contact me via and provide your Paypal email or the transaction ID & VGMDB link


  • If I can’t find your request in lossless quality, mp3 files will be sent or you can contact me for a refund.
  • I will refund you if I can’t find the soundtrack.
  • I can’t find every soundtrack out there, especially rare albums, but I’m sure it would be better than using Google.
  • I won’t do free requests anymore since it would take me a lot of time in this covid-19 era. I hope you could understand my circumstances.

Note 2: I can help you buy iTunes music cheaper than US or JP stores. Contact me via email for more information.

P/s: If you can find what you want on this blog, saying “thank you” should be enough, but if you want to support me, you’re welcome. Please visit this page for more details.


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