What’s sonixgvn?

To make it simple, sonixgvn is a website that Sonix used for collecting all music he listens to (yes, I did NOT buy all albums here but only a few). This is not a sharing site as all files have password-protected.

I wanna try some music. Can I know the password?

My files’ password is not public but you can try to solve the puzzle to get it by clicking here. But please do remember the disclaimer and support the artist by buying their original products if possible.

I’ve seen many similar sites. Are you mirroring others?

Well, maybe you’re new here, but actually, I started this site in 2009 by creating a blog on blogspot ( sonixgvn.blogspot.com ). After many things happened in the past, now it become the site you’re visiting right now.

What’s mp3 V0? Why not mp3 320?

Most of my sharing is mp3 V0 format which I converted from lossless source. You can google it for more info, but you should know V0 surpasses 320 in everything else but have smaller size. Really, why should wasting space on 320kbps silence?

mp3 is great, but why no love for FLAC?

You may not believe it, but I always trust the perfect music should be inside the CD. You can use mp3 for preview (they’re nearly to perfect quality), but you should buy CD or Hi-res format to support the artists and enjoy their highest performance. Sharing FLAC or other lossless formats on this site will reduce that possibility.

But do you share FLAC? What if I can’t afford to buy CD?

Actually, I’m still sharing music in lossless format, but only in a private community by another nickname, so you can’t ever know where. In case you can’t buy CD but want to have FLAC of any albums out there, you can try to use my Searching OST Service.

Great, I wanna support your site, how?

You can support me via Ko-Fi or other methods by clicking here. Any donation is greatly appreciated. By the way, for every 6 USD you donated, you can have 1 time to use my Searching OST Service. Remember to use it by sending the request to admin@sonixgvn.net.

Updated: 30-Mar 24.


©2009-2024 sonixgvn.net is a website that collects information about game and anime music. It is created with the purpose of archiving lossy music and does not intend for sharing

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