Genshin Impact - The Shimmering Voyage Vol.2

Genshin Impact – The Shimmering Voyage Vol.2

Genshin Impact – The Shimmering Voyage Vol.2

原神-珍珠之歌2 The Shimmering Voyage Vol.2
原神-真珠の歌2 The Shimmering Voyage Vol.2

Catalog Number N/A
Barcode 3617050074263
Release Date Aug 15, 2022
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 14.99 USD
Media Format 3 Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
Publisher miHoYo

Composer Yu-Peng Chen (HOYO-MiX), Dimeng Yuan (HOYO-MiX), Yijun Jiang (HOYO-MiX), Xin Zhao (HOYO-MiX), Qian Ding (HOYO-MiX)
Arranger Yu-Peng Chen (HOYO-MiX), Jiade He, Qian Ding (HOYO-MiX), Xin Zhao (HOYO-MiX), Dimeng Yuan (HOYO-MiX), Yijun Jiang (HOYO-MiX)
Conductor Hirofumi Kurita, Robert Ziegler
Orchestra Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, International Master Philharmonic Orchestra, The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Art of Loong Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Budapest Scoring Orchestra
Singer He Lin, Ziyu Che (HOYO-MiX)
Female Solo Vocals Elim
Piano Yu-Peng Chen (HOYO-MiX), Yijun Jiang (HOYO-MiX)
Harp Ningmei Quan
Choir Conductor Fang Qi
Choir Shanghai Philharmonic Society & Choir, Sfuture Art Group
First Choir Jia Tian, Weiqing Tang, Jinfei Chai, Botao Wu, Zhou Wu, Yue Dai
Second Choir Shanghai Philharmonic Society & Choir
Shakuhachi Jiannan Gu, Xiaokui Ding
Taiko Kodo
Koto Kasumi Watanabe
Tsugaru Shamisen Shamio, Yutaka Oyama
Dizi Xiaokui Ding, Jiannan Gu
Xiao Jiannan Gu, Xiaokui Ding
Guzheng Yijing Shen, Yuchen Wang
Erhu Ying Wang, Jiajun Ma, Chao Li
Pipa Xiao Meng
Shaoqin Jiajun Ma
Steel Guitar Yijun Jiang
Electric Guitar Xin Zhao, Yijun Jiang, Dimeng Yuan (HOYO-MiX)
Violin Yue Zhu, Peng Li
1st Violin Yue Zhu
2nd Violin Chang Luo
Viola Yizhu Mao
Cello Xiaolong Chen, Yi Sun
Double Bass Bingyang Yang
Harpsichord Yijun Jiang (HOYO-MiX), Xin Zhao (HOYO-MiX), Dimeng Yuan (HOYO-MiX), Qian Ding (HOYO-MiX)
Recording Studio SoundCity, Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, Jintian Recording Studio, Sony Nogizaka Studio, Smecky Studio, Shanghai Media Group, Heartbeat Recording Studio, Onkio Haus, 52Hz Studio, Air Studios, Ready Steady Sound!, Budapest Scoring, Sound Pro Studio
Recording Engineer Yuta Tateishi (SHANGRI-LA Inc.), Takeshi Muramatsu (Octavia Records Inc.), Xiaosi Wang, Koji Suzuki (Sony Music Studio), Jiawei Mo, Takashi Yoshiba (Smart Break Sound), Zach Huang, Nick Wollage, Laurence Anslow, Guannan Chen, Jan Holzner, Viktor Szabó, Xiaodong Cao
Sound Editor Aaron Xu
Mixing Engineer Zach Huang, Ran Qu, Yu-Peng Chen (HOYO-MiX), Dimeng Yuan (HOYO-MiX), Yijun Jiang (HOYO-MiX), Xin Zhao (HOYO-MiX), Qian Ding (HOYO-MiX), Nick Wollage, Junjie Liu
Mastering Zach Huang
Co-production Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
Production HOYO-MiX

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Genshin Impact


Disc 1

01 Pathos of Shirasagi 1:57
02 The Comrades’ Ambush 1:45
03 Trial of Thunder 1:58
04 Shogun’s Abdication 1:08
05 Unpredicted Conspiracy 0:40
06 A Sense of Foreboding 0:32
07 Wreck of Eternal Bane 1:28
08 Marching to Victory 1:42
09 Approaching Thunder 1:37
10 Bitter Triumph 1:52
11 Her Imperial Majesty 2:18
12 Eureka Moment 0:50
13 Odyssey to the Uncharted 2:57
14 Unforeseen Disaster 0:24
15 Fury Unleashed 1:24
16 Separate Ways 1:18
17 Take This! 1:19
18 Suffering of Parting 1:26
19 Under the Sun 2:05
20 Vanished Beyond Recall 2:11
21 Nothing but a Dream 2:12
22 Illusory Apparitions 2:05
23 Midnight in Mondstadt 0:52
Disc length 36:00

Disc 2

01 Tagelied nächtlicher Gedanken 1:37
02 Traum durch die Dämmerung, erster Satz 1:27
03 Traum durch die Dämmerung, zweiter Satz 1:27
04 Das Folkwanglied 2:18
05 Ein vogellin, so wol getan 2:02
06 Soliloquy of the Star 2:06
07 Flickering Brightness 3:59
08 Burst Into Flames 4:01
09 Die Mittsommernacht-Fantasie 3:55
Disc length 22:52

Disc 3

01 The Liyue Romans-Fleuves 3:37
02 Bravery and Tenderness 4:16
03 Rumble of Thunder 1:01
04 Roots of Tranquil Eternity 2:05
05 Miko’s Ingenuity 3:33
06 A Region Rediscovered 0:27
07 Cold Light 0:21
08 Broken Blade 1:31
09 Unfulfilled Aspirations 1:20
10 Evergreen Cypress 0:53
11 Magnificent Irodori 2:07
12 Breaking Point 0:40
13 A Clueless Case 0:34
14 Hang by a Thread 3:56
15 Yaksha’s Reminiscence 3:56
16 Easier Said Than Done 1:33
17 A Single Thought 1:48
18 Prelude of Change 0:43
19 Phantasm Suite 3:03
20 The Everlasting Trail 5:23
21 Dazzling Stars 1:37
22 The Floating World 0:35
23 Soar in the Wind 3:10
24 Elogia Cinerosa 4:18
25 Song of Innocence 2:46
Disc length 55:13

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