Karous The Beast Of Re:Eden Original Soundtrack "Chocolate Flavored Suicide"

Karous The Beast Of Re:Eden Original Soundtrack “Chocolate Flavored Suicide”

カラス ザ ビースト オブ レデン オリジナル サウンドトラッzク "チョコレートフレイヴァースーサイド"

Karous The Beast Of Re:Eden Original Soundtrack “Chocolate Flavored Suicide”

カラス ザ ビースト オブ レデン オリジナル サウンドトラッzク “チョコレートフレイヴァースーサイド”


Catalog Number RSCD-004
Release Date Jun 01, 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown (Japan)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Remix
Publisher RS34

Written by Daisuke Nagata (k.h.d.n.), Ko Hayashi (k.h.d.n.)
Produced by Daisuke Nagata (k.h.d.n.), Ko Hayashi (k.h.d.n.)
Executive Producer Yoshito Masubuchi (RS34, INC.)
Director Daisuke Nagata (k.h.d.n.)
Promotion Director Yukiko Karashima (RS34, INC.)
Artwork Daisuke Nagata (k.h.d.n.)
Design Daisuke Nagata (k.h.d.n.)
Mastering Engineer Hiroshi Shiota (Tokyo Recording Co.,Ltd)

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Karous The Beast Of Re:Eden


01 into the sorrow -banner sound- 0:06
02 wings of the goose -system- 1:37
03 disrespectful prophecy -degree1 fixed day- 1:19
04 rabbit in her headlights -degree1 looped day- 1:24
05 tablet -degree1 fixed sunset- 1:49
06 hate breeda -degree1 looped sunset- 1:29
07 whisper -degree1 fixed night- 1:35
08 sorry -degree1 looped night- 1:15
09 the stranger -boss- 2:01
10 public sector -degree2 fixed day- 1:28
11 your policy -degree2 looped day- 1:16
12 24 contractors -degree2 fixed day- 1:17
13 latent door -degree2 looped sunset- 1:17
14 anxious memories -degree2 fixed night- 1:07
15 self regulatory party -degree2 looped night- 1:14
16 sin -result- 0:56
17 c123p the children -degree3 fixed day- 1:35
18 radiation zone -degree3 looped day- 0:57
19 c123p the women -degree3 fixed sunset- 1:42
20 to keep out -degree3 looped sunset- 1:40
21 c123p the people -degree3 fixed night- 1:40
22 legal node -degree3 looped night- 1:40
23 builda little slut -garage- 2:07
24 dry fish -degree4 fixed day- 1:31
25 three chairs -degree4 looped day- 2:22
26 so long -degree4 fixed sunset- 1:52
27 not be mine -degree4 looped sunset- 1:37
28 in vitro fertilization -degree4 fixed night- 1:15
29 an obstacle -degree4 looped night- 1:38
30 smokers base -pictures- 2:13
31 a defect in the man -last boss type a- 2:10
32 the extraordinary eye -last boss type b- 2:12
33 uplink down -last boss type c- 1:12
34 clean clean -ending type a- 1:08
35 1000 clouds beyond -ending type b- 1:05
36 destroy destiny to death -staff credits- 0:34
37 morning of sorrow -title- 0:36
38 a grief in the girl -remix of last boss type a- 4:22
39 dubiation zone -remix of degree3 looped day- 2:36
Disc length 60:54

Track 1,2,4,6,8,9,16,17,19,21,24,25,26,27,28,29,31,32,34,35,36,37,38
Written and Produced by Daisuke Nagata(k.h.d.n.)

Track 3,5,7,10,11,12,13,14,15,18,20,22,23,30,33,39
Written and Produced by Ko Hayashi(k.h.d.n.)

Executive Producer Yoshito Masubuchi(RS34, INC.)
Director Daisuke Nagata(k.h.d.n.)
Promotion Director Yukiko Karashima(RS34, INC.)

Artwork and Design Daisuke Nagata(k.h.d.n.)

Mastering Engineer Hiroshi Shiota(Tokyo Recording Co.,Ltd)

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