PaRappa The Rapper Original Soundtrack

PaRappa The Rapper Original Soundtrack

パラッパラッパー オリジナル・サウンドトラック

PaRappa The Rapper Original Soundtrack

パラッパラッパー オリジナル・サウンドトラック


Catalog Number KDSD-00983 (reprint of SRCL-3742)
Barcode 4560372447255
Release Date May 24, 2017
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2160 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Label PlayStation GameMusic, TEAM Entertainment
Manufacturer TEAM Entertainment Inc.
Distributor Sony Music Marketing Inc.
Phonographic Copyright Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Composer Masaya Matsuura, Tuttle & Dynamo Laboratory, Yoshihisa Suzuki, Rodney A. Greenblat
Arranger Masaya Matsuura, Kiyoshi Yoshida, Shige Kawagoe
Performer Dred, Ryu, Sandra, Lenky, Mickey, Rich, Rodney A. Greenblat
Lyricist Ryu, Rodney A. Greenblat, Sandra
Assistant Engineer Chris Parks, Tatsuhito Naruse, Masato Morisaki, Masato Omori, Naomi Soga
Recording Studio Matsuura’s home, Dynamo studio, CP Studio, ONKIO HAUS, Sony Music Shinanomachi Studio
Mixing Engineer Masaya Matsuura
Mastering Engineer Teppei Kasai (Sony Music Shinanomachi Studio)
Mastering Studio Sony Music Shinanomachi Studio
Sound Producer Masaya Matsuura
Package Design Namiko Futaki (Sony Music Communications)

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PaRappa The Rapper


01 Parappa’s Greeting 0:14
02 The Jet Baby 0:40
03 Lovely Sunny Funny 0:21
04 Bad Guys Are Coming! 0:37
05 Joe Chin Is Here 1:13
06 Enter Daydreams 0:10
07 Beat Them Away! 0:20
08 Yeah! I Know!! 0:11
09 Chop Chop Master Onion’s RAP 2:30
10 Knock You Out! 0:13
11 Sign Of Happiness 0:55
12 Down With Attitude 0:09
13 Far Behind 0:08
14 Smooth Life Of Mine 0:54
15 Feeling Dizzy 0:11
16 Drive In The Air 0:26
17 Instructor Mooselini’s RAP 2:06
18 Happy Ringing! 0:09
19 It is fine today! 0:32
20 Heavenly 0:39
21 Paradise 0:46
22 Rush To The Moon 0:26
23 Prince Fleaswallow’s RAP 2:32
24 Alive Again 0:31
25 Donuts Head 0:51
26 Sugar Song 0:46
27 Round & Round 0:21
28 Cake Bomb 0:08
29 Anger Of People 0:39
30 Cooking Chicken’s Show 0:17
31 Cheap Cheap The Cooking Chicken’s RAP 2:19
32 Cloud 9 0:43
33 Straight To Hell 1:35
34 Love You RAP 1:14
35 The Dawn Of Hope 0:15
36 Toilet Express 0:15
37 Return Of Masters 0:19
38 All Masters’ RAP 2:53
39 On Fire! 0:20
40 Lose Heart 0:07
41 Parappa’s Live RAP With MC King Kong Mushi 3:44
42 Thank You For Everything 0:47
43 Katy & Sunny Funny Band Anthem 2:25
44 Funny Love 3:58
Disc length 40:49

Produce, Compose, Arrange & Mix: Masaya Matsuura
Rap&Words: Ryu
Words on “The Jet Baby”: Rodney A. Greenblat
Words on “Funny Love”: Sandra
Additional Compose: Tuttle & Dynamo Laboratory, Yoshihisa Suzuki
Compose “The Jet Baby”: Rodney A. Greenblat
Additional Arrange: Kiyoshi Yoshida, Shige Kawagoe

02: Rodney Greenblat
09: Dred Foxx, Ryu Watabe
17: Dred Foxx, Sandra
23: Dred Foxx, Lenky Don
31: Dred Foxx, Michele Burks
38: Dred Foxx, Ryu Watabe, Sandra, Lenky Don, Michele Burks
41: Dred Foxx, Richard Bush
44: Dred Foxx

Voice Performance
Parappa: Dred
“Love You Rap” & Chop Chop Master Onion: Ryu
Vocal on “Funny Love” & Instructor Mooselini: Sandra
Prince Fleaswallow: Lenky
Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken: Mickey
King Kong Mushi: Rich

Direction: Izumi Amano (Antinos Records)
Additional Engineer: Chris Parks, Tatsuhito Naruse, Masato Morisaki, Masato Omori, Naomi Soga
Recording Studio: Matsuura’s home, Dynamo studio, CP Studio, ONKIO HAUS, Sony Music Shinanomachi Studio
Mastering: Teppei Kasai (Sony Music Shinanomachi Studio)

A&R: Shin Okamoto (Sony Records)
Promotion: Hisayoshi Uchida (Sony Records), Yuji Tanaka (Sony Records)
Executive Produce: Keisuke Hamano (Sony Records)

Package Design: Namiko Futaki (Sony Music Communications)
Package Co-ordinate: Kazue Okuma (Sony Music Communications)

Special Thanks: Yoichi Numata (SCE), Tomohiro Hasekura (SCE), Hideaki Takemura (SC), Yoshiyuki Ito (GRI), Hideki Asou (SMA), Masahiro Anan (SMA), Shigeaki Tanaka (SMA), Hideto Ohnishi (SMA), Kiri Matsuura (NanaOn-Sha co.,ltd.), Rie Iwami (NanaOn-Sha co.,ltd.), Sachie Mifune (NanaOn-Sha co.,ltd.)

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