S.S.T.BAND -30th Anniversary Box-

S.S.T.BAND -30th Anniversary Box-

S.S.T.BAND -30th Anniversary Box-


Catalog Number WM-0754~8/B
Barcode 4571164387178
Release Date Dec 15, 2018
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 16200 JPY
Media Format 5 UHQCD + DVD
Classification Arrangement, Live Event, Original Work, Video
Manufacturer WAVE MASTER INC.
Distributor WAVE MASTER INC.
Phonographic Copyright WAVE MASTER INC.

Composer Koichi Namiki, Hiro, Katsuhiro Hayashi, Tokuhiko Uwabo, Tohru Nakabayashi, Yasuhiro Takagi, Yasuhiro Kawakami, You Takada, Izuho Takeuchi, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Kazuhiko Nagai, Masahiko Yoshimura, Kimitaka Matsumae, Minoru Aoki, Jouji Iijima, Masato Saito
Arranger Yoshihiro Kunimoto, Kimitaka Matsumae, S.S.T.BAND, Issei Noro
Performer S.S.T.BAND, Issei Noro
A&R Producer Yoshihiro “Moba” Ito (WAVE MASTER)
Co-producer Yoshihiro “Scitron” Ohno
Mastering Supervisor Koichi “Mickey” Namiki
Reborn-Mastering Engineer Hiroshi Shiota (TRC SOUTH)
Mastering Studio TRC SOUTH
Designer Haruno Takanashi (WAVE MASTER)
Video Editing Haruno Takanashi (WAVE MASTER)
DVD Multi Audio TOYO RECORDING [MA2] DVD Authoring EASTAGE, Inc.
Booklet Editor Rolling Uchizawa
Copyright Administrator Kazuo Koizumi (WAVE MASTER)
Licensing Ayami Iwamoto (PONY CANYON), Mikio Yamaguchi (Happinet), Makoto Matsui (SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS)
Special Thanks Fumiaki Takahashi (CASIOPEA INTERNATIONAL), Kazuhiro Ichimura (S.S.T.BAND BACK-UP TEAM), Kenji Tsujisaka, Sinya Yamada, ex. “F.S.G.” Members, Kentaro “ANI” Fujimoto, Shuji Nose (PONY CANYON), Satoshi Handa (Happinet), Yasuhiro Takagi (SEGA Interactive), Taku Sasahara (SEGA Interactive), Mayuko Kawahigashi (SEGA Interactive), Rieko Kodama (SEGA Games), Kagasei Shimomura (SEGA Games), Yosuke Okunari (SEGA Games)
Very Special Thanks CASIOPEA INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd., PONY CANYON INC., Happinet Corporation, SEGA Interactive Co., Ltd., SEGA Games Co., Ltd., SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd., SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS INC.
Executive Producer Fumitaka Shibata (WAVE MASTER)
Comments Koichi “Mickey” Namiki, Kimitaka “Harrier” Matsumae, Jouji “Galaxy” Iijima, Shingo “Burner” Komori, Takehiko “Thunder” Tanabe, Masato “Turbokun” Saito, Hisanori “Splash Kuma” Kumamaru, Takenobu “R Saburomaru” Mitsuyoshi, Hiroshi “Hiro” Kawaguchi, Issei Noro, 谷川義晃, Yoshihiro “Scitron” Ohno, Yoshihiro “Moba” Ito

Products represented
Out Run
Space Harrier
Power Drift
Phantasy Star II
Space Harrier II
Altered Beast
Super Monaco GP
Turbo Out Run
Fantasy Zone
G-LOC: Air Battle
Golden Axe
Sword of Vermilion
Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom
Super Hang-On
Shining and the Darkness
GP Rider
Bonanza Bros.
Thunder Blade


Disc 1 (UHQCD) [WM-0754] Arrangement

01 Beyond the Galaxy (GALAXY FORCE)
02 Magical Sound Shower (Out Run)
03 Main Theme (SPACE HARRIER)
04 After Burner (AFTER BURNER)
05 Defeat (GALAXY FORCE)
06 Like the Wind (POWER DRIFT)
07 Opening Theme (PHANTASY STAR II)
08 A Legend of Harrier (SPACE HARRIER II)
09 Closed Upon Me (獣王記)
10 Final Take Off (AFTER BURNER)
11 Splash Wave (Out Run)
12 Theme From Super Monaco GP (Super Monaco GP)
13 Rush a Difficulty (Turbo Out Run)
14 Tetremix -Dance Mix Ver.- (TETREMIX)
15 Opa-Opa! (FANTASY ZONE)

Disc 2 (UHQCD) [WM-0755] Arrangement

01 Maximum Power ~ Red Out (AFTER BURNER)
02 After Burner -Rhythm Retake Remix- (AFTER BURNER)
03 Air Battle (G-LOC)
04 Wilderness (GOLDEN AXE)
05 Sword of Vermilion (VERMILION)
07 Sprinter (SUPER HANG-ON)

Disc 3 (UHQCD) [WM-0756] Arrangement, Live Event

01 After Burner Medley -Live Ver. ‘90.8.25- (AFTER BURNER)
02 Sword of Vermilion -Live Ver. ‘90.8.25- (VERMILION)
03 Air Battle -Live Ver. ‘90.8.25- (G-LOC)
04 新たなる旅へ -Live Ver. ‘90.8.25- (PHANTASY STAR III)
05 Galaxy Force Medley -Live Ver. ‘90.8.25- (GALAXY FORCE)
06 Wilderness -Live Ver. ‘90.8.25- (GOLDEN AXE)
07 Magical Sound Shower -Live Ver. ‘90.8.25- (Out Run)
08 Last Wave -Live Ver. ‘90.8.25- (Out Run)
09 Sprinter -Live Ver. ‘90.8.25- (SUPER HANG-ON)
10 After Burner -Live Ver. ‘90.8.25- (AFTER BURNER)
11 Power Drift Medley -Live Ver. ‘90.8.25- (POWER DRIFT)

Disc 4 (UHQCD) [WM-0757] Arrangement, Live Event, Original Work

01 Earth Frame G (R360[G-LOC])
02 Soup Up (Rad Mobile)
03 Shining and the Darkness (SHINING AND THE DARKNESS)
04 Belldeer Wind (*Original)
05 Time Attack (GP RIDER)
07 Hyper City (STRIKE FIGHTER)
08 Earth Frame G -Rhythm Retake Remix- (R360[G-LOC])
09 Turbo Out Run Medley (Turbo Out Run)
10 Bonanza Bros. Medley (BONANZA BROS.)
11 Magical Sound Shower -Rhythm Retake Remix- (Out Run)
12 Passing Breeze (Out Run)
13 SDI Medley -Live Ver. ‘92.8.23- (SDI)
14 Hyper City -Live Ver. ‘92.8.23- (STRIKE FIGHTER)

Disc 5 (UHQCD) [WM-0758] Arrangement, Live Event, Original Work

01 Wave Motion (*Original)
02 I Can Survive (*Original)
03 Tetra Wagtail (*Original)
04 Nerve Paint #1 (*Original)
05 Seventh Flight (*Original)
06 Baby Universe (*Original)
07 Tachyon (*Original)
08 Bottom Funk (*Original)
09 Active Amusement (*Original)
10 For Absent Guys (*Original)
11 I Can Survive -Live Ver. ‘92.8.23- (*Original)
12 Earth Frame G -Live Ver. ‘93.8.20- (R360[G-LOC])
13 Sword of Vermilion -Live Ver. ‘93.8.20- (VERMILION)
14 After Burner -Live Ver. ‘93.8.20- (AFTER BURNER)

Disc 6 (DVD) [WM-0758B] Arrangement, Live Event, Original Work, Video

01 S.S.T.BAND -Promotion Video-
02 Like the Wind (POWER DRIFT)
03 Magical Sound Shower (Out Run)
04 After Burner Medley (AFTER BURNER)
05 Sword of Vermilion (VERMILION)
06 Air Battle (G-LOC)
08 Galaxy Force Medley (GALAXY FORCE)
09 Magical Sound Shower (Out Run)
10 Last Wave (Out Run)
11 Burning Point (THUNDER BLADE)
12 Sprinter (SUPER HANG-ON)
13 After Burner (AFTER BURNER)
14 Power Drift Medley (POWER DRIFT)
15 Opening Original Intro ~ Wilderness (GOLDEN AXE)
16 Main Theme (SPACE HARRIER)
17 Defeat (GALAXY FORCE)
18 Bonanza Bros. Medley (BONANZA BROS.)
20 Magical Sound Shower (Out Run)
21 Air Battle (G-LOC) ~ Rush a Difficulty (Turbo Out Run) ~ Air Battle (G-LOC)
22 Soup Up (Rad Mobile)
23 Sword of Vermilion (VERMILION)
24 Belldeer Wind (*Original)
25 Time Attack (GP RIDER)
26 SDI Medley (SDI)
27 Hyper City (STRIKE FIGHTER)
28 I Can Survive (*Original)
29 S.S.T.BAND -BackStage PASS-

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