サイレントヒル 4 –ザ・ルーム– オリジナル・サウンドトラックス


サイレントヒル 4 –ザ・ルーム– オリジナル・サウンドトラックス


Catalog Number LC-1292~3
Barcode 4524334100732
Release Date Jun 17, 2004
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2730 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal, Prototype/Unused
Publisher Konami Media Entertainment, Inc.
Exclusive Retailer

Composer Akira Yamaoka
Arranger Akira Yamaoka
Performer Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Joe Romersa
Lyricist Joe Romersa, Hiroyuki Owaku
Recording Engineer Michael McCarty
Mastering Engineer Kazushi Kyogoku
Mastering Studio Hitokuchizaka Studio

Products represented
Silent Hill 4: The Room


Disc 1 [LC-1292] Original Soundtrack, Prototype/Unused

01 Tender Sugar 5:33
02 Waverer 2:54
03 Fortunate sleep – noone disturb her dead – 2:07
04 Melancholy Requiem 3:53
05 Confinement 2:27
06 Drops Of Shame 2:49
07 The Suicidal Clock Chime 1:11
08 Silent Circus 2:56
09 Traversing The Portals Of Reality 2:04
10 Into The Depths Of Self Discovery 2:55
11 Cradel Of Forest 6:30
12 Resting Comfortably 0:51
13 Nightmarish Waltz 3:10
14 Pulsating Ambience 3:05
15 Your Rain 4:43
16 The Last Mariachi 1:37
17 Wounded Warsong 3:12
18 Underground Dawn – Never Come – 2:13
19 Fever Chill 2:29
20 Remodeling 2:55
21 Room Of Angel 7:09
22 Waiting For You ~LIVE AT “Heaven’s Night”~ (unreleased tunes) 6:20
Disc length 73:03

Disc 2 [LC-1293] Original Soundtrack

01 D —Ichikotsu— 7:18
02 D♯ —Tangin— 1:37
03 E —Hyoujou— 8:47
04 F —Shosetsu— 5:35
05 F♯ —Shimomu— 2:20
06 G —Soujou— 4:27
07 G♯ —Fushou— 4:38
08 A —Oushiki— 7:07
09 A♯ —Rankei— 2:54
10 B —Banshiki— 3:39
11 C —Shinsen— 4:37
12 C♯ —Kamimu— 4:08
Disc length 57:07

All composed, arranged & performed by

English Vocals Produced by
ZRO Limit Productions

In association with
Shadow Box Studio

Producers Yutaka Maseba
Haruyo Kanesaku


“Tender Sugar”
“Your Rain”
“Room Of Angel”
“Waiting For You”

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

“Cradel Of Forest”

Joe Romersa

Akira Yamaoka

Music Supervisor
Joe Romersa

Joe Romersa

Lyrics (Original)
Hiroyuki Owaku

Recording Studio
Magnitude 8 Post, Los Angeles, CA

Recording Engineer
Michael McCarty

Art Direction & Design
Hiroshi Banno

Masashi Tsuboyama

Logo Design
Mai Kitazawa

Production Coordinator
Yoko Yanagisawa

Kyodan Coordinator
Gakushi Kamiwazumi (YOGOSHA)

Mastering Engineer
Kazushi Kyogoku at Hitokuchizaka Studio

Takayuki Ogura
Misako Yoshii
Atsushi Gaja

Web Designer
Mamiko Takeuchi

KOL Sales Promotion
Hideaki Chosokabe

Licensing Management
Kazunari Okido

Label Management
Kazuki Aoki

Executive Producer
Akihiko Nagata

Takeshi Yamagami

Directed by
Ikua Ichikawa

Special Thanks
Kaz Nirasawa
Yoshinori Aoyagi
Jun Inoue
Hideyuki Shin
Fumiko Kumita

Wilson Cheng
Jason Enos
Ken Ogasawara
Rick Naylor
Peter Nguyen
Marc Franklin
Brad Schlachter

Joachim Amann
Cecile Caminades
Wolfgang Ebert
Stephani Hattenberge
Kalle Lageroos
Jonathan Murphy
Leigh Samantha
Sofie Schulz
Katja Torrini
Dave Cox
Martine Saunders

Nazuki Matsushita
Tetsushi Takahashi

Keigo Mikami (MIT)


-Waiting For You ~LIVE AT “Heaven’s Night”~ (unreleased tunes)-

LIVE [SILENT HILL ~No way to escape~] 2003.9.21
Club “Heaven’s Night”
2121 Carroll St., South Vale, ME

Vocal : Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Guitar : Akira Yamaoka
Guitar : Mira
Bass : Kevin Butts
Keybords : Paul H. Smith
Drums : Ryan Whalley

The story 響談 “ぬけられぬ雨の吉原” (“Nukerarenu Ame no Yoshiwara”) is a “kyoudan” based on the claustrophobic room theme of Silent Hill 4. “Kyoudan” is a neologism meaning “sound narrative”, as a play on words pertaining to “koudan”, a traditional Japanese storytelling performance art. The story’s title can be translated to “No Escape from Rainy Yoshiwara” or “Yoshiwara in Inescapable Rain”. The Japanese track titles on disc two correspond to the note names for a chromatic scale used in ancient Buddhist chants.

“Nukerarenu Ame no Yoshiwara” was written and performed by the storyteller Ichiryusai Teisui VI (1939–2020), the first person to be designated a “living national treasure” (persons ensuring the survival of traditional Japanese arts that are in danger of disappearing) for koudan performances. The narrative’s atmosphere is backed by music provided by Akira Yamaoka, thus bringing to it the musical style of the Silent Hill series.

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