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Old Uploads

You’re looking for an OST from Sonix’s OST Collection blog, but you can not find it? Well, because the original blog was deleted by Google, so all the posts and content lost, but the download links still live.

That’s why I made this post to collect all the remain links, for someone who still want to download my uploads.

IMPORTANT: You can visit my old blog’s RSS to get the download link (until 4/2016)

To check password for extracting, please go here. (123456)

Sonix’s OST Collection Old Uploads – Depositfiles


Sonix’s OST Collection Old Uploads – Uploaded.net


Sonix’s OST Collection Old Uploads – MEGA (only for who know how ncrypt.in works)


Old Uploads


  1. Visit vgmdb.net to find the correct name of the soundtrack, then go to the sheet below to find the filename which you need to download (only for Uploaded & Depositiles).
  2. Try to use alternative name or romaji name for searching.

Imporant Note: Most of my files on depositfiles was deleted recently due to copyright claims.