Catalog Number ZTTL-0060
Barcode 4988611010600
Release Date May 19, 2004
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2600 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Manufacturer Taito Corp
Phonographic Copyright Taito Corp

Game BGM Composer Hideki Takahagi (ZUNTATA)
Movie BGM Composer Tamayo Kawamoto (ZUNTATA)
Guitar Fumito Machida, Kaoru Nakamura (ZUNTATA)
Bass Yu Yoshimura (ZUNTATA)
Kokyu Jia Peng Fang
Erhu Masatsugu Shinozaki
Asian Vocal 黄金井修
Strings Masatsugu Shinozaki Strings
Executive Producer Yasuo Nishigaki (TAITO Corp.)
Producer Hiroshige Tonomura (ZUNTATA)
Sound Director Katsuhisa Ishikawa (ZUNTATA)
Recording Noriyasu Murase (taskmaster), Takeshi Takizawa (taskmaster), Yousuke Nishikawa (taskmaster)
Mastering Engineer Mitsuko Tokunaga (Sony Music Communications Inc.)
Mastering Studio Sony Music Studios Tokyo*
Director Noritaka Matsuuchi (ZUNTATA)
Booklet Design Mihoko Sudo (ZUNTATA)
Title Lettering 深川直樹
Assistance 藤田允 (TAITO Corp.), 株式会社アートバンク, 大塚裕司 (Sony Music Communications Inc.), Osamu Abe (Sony Music Distribution(Japan)Inc.), Hajime Uchida (ZUNTATA), 永見麻衣 (ZUNTATA), 株式会社タイトーCP開発部, 株式会社タイトー広報宣伝部, 株式会社タイトーMUSE事業部
Liner Notes 青木洋 (TAITO Corp.), 進藤司 (Red Entertainment Corp.), Dr.Haggy, TAMAYO

Products represented
BUJINGAI: The Forsaken City


01 An Omen Arrives (Surprised start) 0:29
02 A Tomboy Jumps Into Action (Opening demo) 1:24
03 Heartless Vision (Stage1) 5:54
04 Misty Breath (Stage2) 4:07
05 A Clear Run to the Cliff (Stage3) 3:03
06 Ghost Approaching (Stage4) 2:10
07 New Frost On the Snow (Stage5-1) 2:27
08 A Light Signal Appears (Stage5-2) 3:36
09 Limitless Light (Stage5-3) 2:27
10 Strange Darkness (Stage6-1) 2:19
11 Raging Fire of Bitterness (Stage6-2) 3:41
12 The Finishing Touch (Stage7-1) 2:27
13 Meditating on the Pagoda (Stage7-2) 2:55
14 Professor (Tutorial) 1:32
15 No Loss Through Concentration (“HOUMADERA”) 1:54
16 A Ghost Appears (Boss) 1:15
17 Haisui Battle (“KYUUKI” Theme) 2:26
18 Second Advent of the Founder (“NAGURI” Theme) 2:25
19 Battle Results (Result) 1:21
20 Vicissitudes of Life (Play demo) 1:27
21 Milky Way Battle (Last stage) 4:07
22 Heartless Vision ~Cool Breeze, Full Moon Mix~ (Staff roll) 2:50
23 Axe Blade 1:13
24 Assault 0:57
25 Sword Dance 0:29
26 Lotus 0:55
27 Angry Quarrel 0:30
28 Meeting of the Hearts 0:42
29 Nauseous Spirit 0:43
30 Distant Thunder 0:55
31 Respect 0:19
32 Chaos 0:23
33 The Crooked Palanquin 0:15
34 Strength 0:22
35 High Wisdom 0:21
36 End of Wonders 0:20
37 Buddhist Sect 1:13
38 Cherry Blossom Cloud 0:54
39 Great Heaven 0:24
40 Reliving the Past 0:28
Disc length 67:39

■Executive Producer■ Yasuo Nishigaki [西垣保男] (TAITO Corp.)
■Producer■ Hiroshige Tonomura (ZUNTATA)
■Sound Director■ Katsuhisa Ishikawa (ZUNTATA)
■Game BGM Composition■ Hideki Takahagi (ZUNTATA)
■Movie BGM Composition■ Tamayo Kawamoto (ZUNTATA)
■Guitar■ Fumito Machida, Kaoru Nakamura (ZUNTATA)
■Bass■ Yu Yoshimura [吉村祐] (ZUNTATA)
■Kokyuu■ Jia Peng Fang
■Erhu■ Masatsugu Shinozaki
■ASIAN VOCAL■ Osamu Oganei [黄金井修]
■Strings■ Masatsugu Shinozaki Strings
■Recording■ Noriyasu Murase (taskmaster), Takeshi Takizawa (taskmaster), Yousuke Nishikawa (taskmaster)
■Recording Studio■ DUTCHMAMA STUDIO
■Mastering Engineer■ Mitsuko Tokunaga (Sony Music Communications Inc.)
■Director■ Noritaka Matsuuchi [松内則貴] (ZUNTATA)
■Booklet Design■ Mihoko Sudo [須藤美保子] (ZUNTATA)
■Title Letters■ Naoki Fukagawa [深川直樹]

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