Honkai: Star Rail - The Flapper Sinthome (Part 2)

Honkai: Star Rail – The Flapper Sinthome (Part 2) [Original Game Soundtrack]

崩壊:スターレイル-フラッパーのサントームDisc 2 The Flapper Sinthome Disc2

Honkai: Star Rail – The Flapper Sinthome (Part 2)

崩坏:星穹铁道-飞来波的圣状(下篇)The Flapper Sinthome Disc2
崩壊:スターレイル-フラッパーのサントームDisc 2 The Flapper Sinthome Disc2


Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jun 21, 2024
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown (U.S.)
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
Publisher miHoYo
Phonographic Copyright miHoYo

Composer Yj.W (HOYO-MiX), Jing.W (HOYO-MiX), Eli.W (HOYO-MiX), Wandy.N (HOYO-MiX), TSAR (HOYO-MiX), Sean (HOYO-MiX), Gon (HOYO-MiX), Hao (HOYO-MiX), Fan (HOYO-MiX)
Arranger Yj.W (HOYO-MiX), Jing.W (HOYO-MiX), Eli.W (HOYO-MiX), Wandy.N (HOYO-MiX), TSAR (HOYO-MiX), Sean (HOYO-MiX), Fan (HOYO-MiX), Gon (HOYO-MiX), Hao (HOYO-MiX)
Trumpet 胡丹峰
Trombone Kan Cao
Saxophone 张宏涛, Shihai Li
Orchestra International Master Philharmonic Orchestra, Art of Loong Orchestranic Orchestra
Drums Patrick
Electric Guitar Yi Chen, Gon (HOYO-MiX)
Bass ET
Clarinet Dan Wu
Classical Guitar Ye Fan
Lute Ye Fan
Guitar Ye Fan
Violin Rui Liu, Yue Zhu
Cello Ying Lang, Xiaolong Chen
Choir Weiqing Tang, Jia Tian, 张怡, Jing Zhang, Lin Tang, Jiaxing Yu, 陈瑞, Bihua Wang, Xiao Han, 戴月, Zhou Wu, 杨晶晶, 黄彦宁, 栾超杰, 郑重
Children’s Choir Conductor Fang Qi
Children’s Choir Sfuture Art Group
Recording Studio Soundhub Studio, SKY FIRE STUDIO, Cashmere Studio, LargoStudio, Jintian Recording Studio, Shanghai Media Group, Sound Pro Studio
Recording Engineer Bob Wu @Soundhub Studios, 陈鑫光, 林致远 @Cashmere Studio, 黄浩, Kevin @Soundhub Studios, 满家豪, 谭云杰 @LargoStudio, Xiaosi Wang, 袁雄宇 @Cashmere Studio, Jiawei Mo, Xiaodong Cao
Mixing Engineer Hao (HOYO-MiX), Jing.W (HOYO-MiX), Eli.W (HOYO-MiX), TSAR (HOYO-MiX), Fan (HOYO-MiX), Yj.W (HOYO-MiX)
Mastering Calbi, Fallone @SterlingSound
Production HOYO-MiX

Products represented
Honkai: Star Rail


01 Dream First! 1:34
02 Omertà 1:31
03 Speedy Hamz 1:06
04 The Game of Chicken 1:31
05 Hell Is Preferable to Nihility 1:39
06 Nought May Endure But Mutability 1:48
07 Polaris 2:03
08 Lodestar in Evernight 2:26
09 Stranger Than Paradise 3:01
10 The Dice in the Other Room 1:02
11 Fast & Furynuts 1:00
12 Into the Cracked Earth 1:45
13 The City in the Sea 1:42
14 A Star Is Born 3:04
15 An Actor Prepares 1:52
16 Little Little Caesar 1:37
17 Nobility of Time 1:57
18 Some Like It Hot 1:39
19 No Business Like Show Business 1:11
20 Walk of Fame 1:26
21 Caged Wings 1:43
22 Oed’ und leer das Meer 4:40
23 The Past, Present, and Eternal Show 1:41
24 The Strength of Sin Is the Law 1:54
25 The Sting of Death Is Sin 1:55
26 Im Anfang war das Wort 1:42
27 Confutatis 1:22
28 Agnus Aeon 1:40
29 Requiem Aeternam 1:52
30 Lux Aeterna 2:16
31 Hosanna in Excelsis 1:45
32 Infirma Nostri Corporis 1:57
33 Symphony No. 8 ‘A Thousand Suns’ 2:16
Disc length 61:37

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