SAND LAND Original Soundtrack (Partial Edition)

SAND LAND Original Soundtrack (Partial Edition)

SAND LAND Original Soundtrack【Partial Edition】

SAND LAND Original Soundtrack (Partial Edition)

SAND LAND Original Soundtrack【Partial Edition】

Catalog Number LAZC02850B00Z
Release Date Jun 21, 2024
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 4700 JPY
Media Format 4 Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
Manufacturer Bandai Namco Music Live Inc.
Distributor Sony Music Solutions Inc.

Music Yugo Kanno

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Disc 1
01 Something’s Coming…
02 Song by Terrier
03 Beelzebub is Here
04 Encounter with the Fiend Prince
05 To See the King Lucifer
06 Anyone Want to Go with Me?
07 Hilarious Demon Audition
08 Departure on a Journey (Main Title)
09 Beelzebub’s Theme
10 Fighting the Gang of the Thieves
11 Tense Battle
12 It’s Hard on Thief
13 Thief’s Success
14 Rao’s Strategy
15 Joyful Feeling
16 Fighting the Royal Army
17 Tense Battle with the Royal Army
18 Shadows of Zeu
19 Preview of Next Installment
20 Rao’s Knowledge
21 Rao’s Tragic Past
22 Rao’s Regret
23 Swimmers Appeared
24 Zeu Hostility
25 The Wrath of Zeu
26 Swimmers’ Plans
27 Last-Ditch Effort
28 General Shiva’s Fighting Style

Disc 2
01 Legendary General Shiva
02 The Real Story (Behind Something)
03 Can’t We Trust the Fiend?
04 Main Title
05 Legendary Spring
06 Are’s Unwillingness
07 Rao’s Redemption
08 Toward the Water Source
09 Thoughts of Are & Rao
10 Big Dam
11 Insect Men Appear!
12 Fighting the Insect Men
13 Infiltration into the Mega Aircraft Carrier
14 The Battle of Zeu
15 Rao’s Counterattack
16 No One Gets to be More Evil than a Fiend!
17 A World Full of Joy

Disc 3
01 Urn of Sealing
02 A World Where the Water Has Returned
03 Encounter with Muniel
04 Reuniting the Picchi
05 Avoiding Drones
06 The Mystery Girl
07 Land of the Dead
08 On to a New Adventure
09 Forest Land Army Attempts
10 To Forest Land
11 Enjoying Forest Land
12 Clash with the Resistance
13 Bad News
14 Princess Ann
15 Bad Plan
16 Thief in Disguise
17 Sneaking into the Capital
18 Muniel’s Speech
19 Undercover Investigation
20 Reclaiming King Jam
21 Clash with Supreme Commander Bred
22 Dirty Fighting
23 Fiend’s Daughter
24 Escape from the Army
25 Encirclement
26 Beelzebub Enduring
27 Rescued by Swimmers
28 Falling for a Trick
29 Childhood Memories
30 The Queen’s Secret
31 Ann’s Woes
32 Targeted Thief
33 Lilith Sealed
34 Goodbye, Muniel
35 The Work of an Angel

Disc 4
01 Flying Fortress Garam
02 Muniel the Madness
03 The Power of Garam
04 Gathering of Friends
05 Time to Fight Back!
06 Ann’s Operation…Fighting Bred
07 Last-Ditch Fight
08 Muniel of the Progress
09 Overwhelm
10 The Final Battle
11 A Desperate Rescue…to a Happy Ending
12 Song by Terrier (Instrumental version)
13 Song by Terrier (Acoustic Guitar version)
14 The Mega Aircraft Carrier Assault
15 Manifestation of Zeu
16 Swimmers’ Theme
17 Thief’s Theme
18 Zeu’s Theme
19 Rao’s Theme
20 Ann’s Theme

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