Technosoft Music Collection - ELEMENTAL MASTER -

Technosoft Music Collection – ELEMENTAL MASTER –

Technosoft Music Collection – ELEMENTAL MASTER –


Catalog Number WM-0856
Barcode 4571164386768
Release Date Dec 14, 2022
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3080 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement
Manufacturer WAVE MASTER INC.
Phonographic Copyright SEGA

All Music Composed by Technosoft (Funky Surounin*)
Arranged by Kei Takanishi
Commentary Naosuke Arai, Kei Takanishi
A&R Producer Yoshihiro “Moba” Ito [WAVE MASTER]
Supervisor Yosuke Okunari [SEGA]
Co-A&R Masato”Mazin”Nakamura [SEGA]
Mastering Supervisor Kei Takanishi
Recording Engineer Kenji Tsujisaka
Mastering Engineer Takuya Hashimoto [TRC]
Mastering Studio TRC
Designer Haruno Takanashi [WAVE MASTER]
Copyright Administrator Kazuo Koizumi [WAVE MASTER]
Licensing Makoto Matsui [SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS]
Special Thanks Kazue Matsuoka [Twenty-one], Naosuke Arai [Digital Design Works], Kagasei Shimomura [SEGA], SEGA Content Production Department, SEGA Creative Design Department
Executive Producer Fumitaka Shibata [WAVE MASTER]
Liner Notes Naosuke Arai, Yosuke Okunari, Masato”Mazin”Nakamura, Kei Takanishi

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Elemental Master


01 大精霊序曲/Great Spirit Overture (Opening) 0:35
02 呪われた宿命/Cursed Destiny (Visual Scene 1) 2:03
03 悪魔の誘惑/Temptation of the Devil (Stage Select) 1:36
04 火炎の舞い/Dance of Flame (Stage 1) 2:27
05 炎の化身/Avatar of Flame (Boss 1) 1:48
06 光の精霊/Spirit of Light (Visual Scene 2) 1:05
07 風のように/Like the Wind (Stage 2) 4:36
08 魔獣の叫び/Roar of the Monster (Boss 2) 1:23
09 地の果てまでも/Until the End of the Earth (Stage 3) 4:43
10 魔性の鼓動/Evil Beat (Boss 3) 1:42
11 血塗られた湖/Blood-Stained Lake (Stage 4) 3:19
12 水に凄す物の怪/Specter Living in the Water (Boss 4) 1:29
13 悪夢のように/Like a Nightmare (Game Over) 0:07
14 地獄の階段/Ghost Story of Hell (Continue) 0:23
15 氷河の恐怖/Terror of the Glacier (Stage 5) 2:15
16 黒竜王参上/Calling on the Dark Dragon King (Boss 5) 2:11
17 光の指輪/Ring of Light (Visual Scene 3) 1:11
18 魔の巣/Den of Evil (Stage 6) 1:34
19 妖しき美/Suspicious Beauty (Boss 6) 1:32
20 暗黒の旋律/Shudder of Darkness (Stage 7) 1:19
21 運命/Fate (Boss 7) 2:10
22 骸羅王復活/King Gaira’s Revival (Last Boss) 2:03
23 悲しき鎮魂歌/Sorrowful Requiem (Ending) 1:17
24 旅立ち/Setting Out (Staff Roll) 3:58
25 Etude of Wind ~新九玉伝~ -1991 MD Omake Other Ver.- 2:19
26 血塗られた湖/Blood-Stained Lake -1991 MD Omake Other Ver.- 3:08
27 Elemental Master -Super Arr Ver.- (大精霊序曲/Great Spirit Overture~火炎の舞い/Dance of Flame~炎の化身/Avatar of Flame~血塗られた湖/Blood-Stained Lake~地獄の階段/Ghost Story of Hell) 5:33
Disc length 57:46

All Music Composed by Technosoft
Arranged by Kei Takanishi [M27]

SOUND! SHOCK Special Bonus Track [M27]


A&R Producer: Yoshihiro “Moba” Ito [WAVE MASTER]
Supervisor: Yosuke Okunari [SEGA]
Co-A&R: Masato”Mazin”Nakamura [SEGA]
Arranger & Mastering Supervisor: Kei Takanishi (M27)
Recording Engineer: Kenji Tsujisaka (M01~26)
Mastering Engineer: Takuya Hashimoto [TRC]
Mastering Studio: TRC
Designer: Haruno Takanashi [WAVE MASTER]
Copyright Administrator: Kazuo Koizumi [WAVE MASTER]
Licensing: Makoto Matsui [SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS]
Special Thanks: Kazue Matsuoka [Twenty-one]
Naosuke Arai [Digital Design Works]
Kagasei Shimomura [SEGA]
SEGA Content Production Department
SEGA Creative Design Department
Executive Producer: Fumitaka Shibata [WAVE MASTER]

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